Curators & Retailers


Are you a curator of fine products? Fintoco is a perfect fit.

  • Our products are high quality because we treat and pay our suppliers well
  • Our customers become raving fans because we provide high quality products and are relentless in support
  • Our curators love us because we work to provide products and price point that work with for them
  • Our curators love us because our products arrive in high end retail packaging
  • Your customers will love you because we never deeply discount our products online or in retail - they will appreciate the value

Get in touch with us today if you are looking for a premium products to add to your monthly subscription box.

Product Kickstarting- Fintoco is currently adding new products to it’s product line. Companies willing to commit to 200 pieces or more of any new product (contact us for upcoming items) will receive products at our cost. We offer this because it helps us subsidize the cost and risk or bring new products into catalog


Fintoco works with select retailers. Please contact us if you interested in reselling our products.