The Fintoco Story


Thank you for letting me share my story. A couple years ago (2013 to be exact) I was lounging around in my kitchen having a few drinks with my fiancé (now wife) and her friends. I was overwhelmed with excitement when the conversation moved from gossip to shopping and fashion because I had recently picked up my first custom suit.

I pulled it out to show it to them. They acted interested, but I could tell they were unimpressed. I started peppering them with questions and by the end of the conversation I had arrived at the conclusion that they felt that guys tend to look the same in suits unless they make a real effort. They did however love my colorful socks.

A few glasses of wine later the girls were telling me how important well cared for shoes are and that it would be cool if my shoelaces matched my socks or shirt. One of the fashion-focused girls proclaimed the finishing touches make all the difference.

This conversation stuck with me and I searched for some statement pieces to compliment my new suit before an upcoming event. I was able to find a great tie and then tried to find some colorful laces for my shoes. I couldn’t find anything in store so I ordered some laces online, they arrived late but that was fine as they were junk and they cheapened my look more than anything.

I was annoyed but I saw an opportunity to do things better. I realized there was a gap and decided to start manufacturing premium shoelaces for men who know how important the The Finishing Touches are.

Fintoco was born and I have become obsessed with the quality of our products, our unmatched customer support, and of course our one of a kind products.

Unique Products

Each of our products aims to be a little different than anything out there. That might mean unique colors, different metals, luxurious materials, one-of-a kind designs or all of these things.

Quality Products

Our products are made with high quality materials. The look better, they wear better, and they feel better!

Insane Customer Support

Have an issue with a product? Just email us, call us, or text us (yes you can actually text us) for a prompt response. We will make things right. Love your product? Let us know! Please text or email us a picture that we can share on social media.

Our small team is constantly improving our products, introducing new variations, and now we are introducing new products. Most recently we launched 24K gold and sterling silver tie bars – watch for them on the site in next little while – or enter your email below to be notified of new product launches and to receive invites to exclusive online shopping events.

We are quickly gaining a reputation for doing things differently. Join the movement. Support us. We promise we will support you back.